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Khatiza Van Savage

Khatiza Van Savage

Founder & Chief Happiness Architect of Insightful Learning Journeys
Christine Liu

My 20+ years career in the field of People Development evolved from being a Learning Systems design consultant to an Organizational Development consultant focusing on developing people and processes in alignment with strategy.

Services provided to diverse industries included
– Financial Institutions – Banks and Insurance, Airlines, Hotels, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Engineering, Consumer Goods. Additionally I have served clients within statutory boards in the government sector. Educational and Non Profit Sectors.

Insightful Learning Journeys was founded as a result of my keen interest in understanding and appreciating the value of Bhutan’s unique development philosophy, Gross National Happiness and approach. It was a Mindful Happiness canvas which could lead to developing Mindful Values and Practices for leaders and teams while supporting the Mindful organization brand.

My years of organizational development experience has culminated with innovative learning approaches, from Mindful Volunteering to Mindful Self Leadership Development. The vision and mission is to develop catalysts who aspire to Create the Ripple effect of Mindful Happiness leading to compassion and empathy within organizations.

I am an Indian by birth, calls herself a global citizen by choice as I seek to bridge the gap between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. My education spans from an undergraduate degree in English Literature and History, to the study of Business and Women in Management at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines, and an advanced degree in Adult Education and Human Development at George Washington University, USA.

Additionally, I have received my Coaching training from Corporate Coach University and I am a certified Team Management Systems facilitator. My interest in and learning about Mindfulness has been under Thich Nhat Hanh as well as with Google’s SIYLI – Search Inside Yourself program which focuses on Compassion, Empathy and Generosity.

In a volunteer capacity, I have helped set up the Social Responsibility arm of International Baccalaureate programs in educational institutions, designed educational awareness programs with the support of multinational companies, facilitated dialogue sessions between the profit, non-profit and educational sectors and designed a succession planning strategy for a non-profit organization.

In keeping with my Asian heritage and the blend of education, I now operate from two bases, Singapore and Washington DC, USA.