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Sharing Sessions on the Mindful Values and Practices have been delivered to:
  1. Young Global Leaders – World Economic Forum
    Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore
  2. UN Country Division Leaders
    Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore
  3. Google Singapore
  4. Prime Time Professional Women’s Organization, Singapore
  5. United World College of Southeast Asia, Singapore
  6. Financial Women’s Association, Singapore
  7. Singapore Management University, MBA Group
  8. INSEAD, Singapore Campus
  9. Athena Women’s Network, Singapore
  10. Google Shanghai
  11. Chinese Professional Women’s Group, Shanghai
  12. Expatriate Professional Women’s Society, Shanghai
  13. sHero, Shanghai


Insights – Speaking Engagements / Singapore

Thank you very much for your speech. Your presentation has introduced the topic “Happiness” from a completely different angle – to me. What resonates with me is that only “action” can lead to something – to “achieve” happiness to feel in a state of happiness you need to put in some energy – nothing comes by itself.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of Happiness. Am a little skeptical about incorporating it in financial firms as the profit motive is such a strong driving factor in most of these firms. But on the other hand, by tailoring it to still drive the bottom line, it is what organizations need to retain talent within the organization.

Thank you for your presentation! The concept that you represent strikes me as being very unusual, certainly in the part of the world that I come from.  On that basis alone it may be of interest, although on the other hand, it may be just too abstract for organisations that focus predominantly on numbers. I will certainly refer your concept to our Diversity and Inclusion team.

Insights – Speaking Engagements / Shanghai

I’m really inspired by today’s happiness talk and it aroused my compassion and empathy. I have always felt that it’s so difficult to chase happiness although many material things of our life have been accumulated. That’s why I travel to another country for about one year to see other people’s life and this changed the track of my life. I think, as a woman, we have the power and capability to influence next two generations.

In the past three years, I spent a lot of time to work as a volunteer teacher, and I have been to Qinghai province and Yunshui Yao in Shenzhen. Before I departed, I thought I would be the one who gives other help. But when I got there and saw the smiles on the children’s faces, to my surprise, I found they’re quite happy and peaceful even though they don’t live a prosperous life.

I’m a HR director of an international company. For me, happiness is much more related to our subjective feeling and understanding. I’d like to mention to tips for us to be happy: first, you can compare with those who are worse than you, rather than keeping an eye on those who are better than you. Second, you can learn to help the unprivileged, or those who are not as lucky as you.

Currently, I serve for a Biotechnology company as a HR recruiter. Once I experienced a very suffering period, both in my personal life and career. I almost forgot who I am. Hence I spent almost one year to get away from such suffering feelings by picking up my old hobbies. The more I focus on my hobbies, and the more I feel I retrieve my original self.

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