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Reflection Retreats for Mindful Self Leadership Development

Reflective Retreats for Mindful Self Leadership

Mindful Self Leadership development uses your own story as a springboard to reflect on the values and practices which will sustain you in your leadership role. Immersions in inner and outer learning activities move you forward in understanding the what, why and how you can make a difference.
  • Pre Journey orientation provides an opportunity to learn about the Mindful Values and Practices – Compassion and Empathy
  • Mindful Self Leadership learning engages you as groups and individuals in developing your story, while group discussions, reflective hikes and journaling allow you to develop your insights as you explore your surrounding environment to understand how the values and practices are applied in the local context.
  • Post Journey Group Review explores the many options for peer groups to implement the ripple effect of Mindfulness in communities as a social responsibility initiative.
Our commitment to Social Responsibility
As demonstration of a continued commitment towards Social Impact, a portion of our proceeds is directed towards outreach programs selected by the participants of each journey. Participants are encouraged to assume responsibility for ongoing support.

Post Journey Individual Coaching is also available as an option for ongoing support as you seek to implement your Mindful Values and Practices framework

Current Self Leadership Retreat locations: Bhutan, India