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Learning Lab

Our Learning Approach

The Mindful Values and Practices philosophy is drawn from two sources of inspiration: (1) Bhutan’s unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness, which seeks to balance economic development with collective human development (2) Google’s Search Inside Yourself which seeks to promote the values of Compassion and Empathy and Generosity

Two distinct types of Insightful learning Journeys help develop and sustain Mindful Values and Practices.
Mindful Volunteering for Employee Engagement  Reflection Retreats for Mindful Self Leadership Development
The blend of learning explores deeper levels of inspiration, empowerment, and compassionate engagement, with the self, the organization and the wider community. Inner learning stimulates reflection to gain insights, while outer learning immerses you in exploring how to interpret and apply the learning in your context.

Who Do We Serve

We serve catalysts who seek to effect change:

  1. Employees who aspire to be mindfully engaged while bridging their professional and personal selves
  2. Leaders and teams seeking to develop cohesiveness as mindful teams
  3. Executive leaders keen to lead with wisdom, compassion and empathy
  4. Entrepreneurs exploring approaches to impact communities supporting their gain
  5. Universities exploring mindful learning approaches to prepare Millennial leaders

Learning Locations

Bhutan serves as the flagship Learning Lab. To create the ripple effect of social impact in a wider scale, Mongolia and Timor have been added to our list, as we continue to grow. Clients may also indicate a preferred location.