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Googlers – Serving Humanity with Humility

Can Engaged Employees use Mindful Volunteering as the process to Inspire Organizational Happiness while innovating to create Social Impact? My personal journey with Google began as a participant for the Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WEOW) Singapore series. The interest was to explore the myriad Tools and Apps offered and

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Mindful Self Leadership

The Bhutanese believe the winds are their prayers. As reminders, they hang strings of colorful prayers flags from the highest point, to honor the dead and pray for the living. These winds that frequently gust around the Himalayan foothills and through the valleys remind the Bhutanese of the constant presence of the divine. It is here that our journey to understand Mindful Living begins.Our facilitator Khatiza Van Savage, is a tiny fireball of energy and vitality. Her love of Bhutan and her desire to help others learn and grow through mind-opening experiences was the genesis of her company, Insightful Learning Journeys.

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